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OAIMA Welcomes New Associate Board Member-Maggie Archibald

Maggie Archibald

As reported in previous newsletters the OAIMA By-Laws were recently amended to add a third Associate Board Member.  We are pleased to announce that the OAIMA Associate Members have elected Maggie Archibald with the Q4 Impact Group to fill the position. 

Maggie is no stranger to OAIMA members as she is an active participant in OAIMA events such as the annual golf outing, clay shoots and annual meetings.  She also serves on the steering committee for the NSSGA Young Leaders and NSSGA’s Board of Directors M & S Division.  Maggie also is involved in her local Chamber of Commerce, and her church as secretary and working with the children’s ministry.

Congratulations and welcome to our newest Board member, Maggie Archibald.


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