FAA P-501 Spec for Airport Runways

Accelerated Polishing Test Procedure for HMA Pavements
Click here: Long Term Validation of an Accelerated polishing Test Procedure for HMA Pavements


Going Green

"A Guide for the Use of Aggregates in Porous Pavements"
(click here) Going Green



Well-Graded Aggregate Presentations - OAIMA Annual Meeting 2010

ORMCA Well Graded Presentation (click here)

ODOT Well Graded Presentation (click here)

Aggregate Quality Control & Assurance

Technician Lists

Registration Forms


Level I and Level II Aggregate Technician Training are considered two different courses of study and both require re-certification at the time of expiration.

Aggregate Technician Re-Certification Dates
Online Re-Certification Request Form

Level 1 and Level 2 Manual Updates

Replace these pages in your Level 1 & Level 2 Aggregate Technician  Manuals if manuals were received before August 2010.


Technician Lists recently Updated! - Once certifications expire technician will be required to take class and test to regain certification. 


Contact the OAIMA office at 614-428-7954 or 1-800-OH-ROCKS (toll free) for further information.

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